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Introducing……..My GallerAsia

* Please note that as a new venture, the My GallerAsia website is constantly being revised and improved. I welcome your suggestions.

My GallerAsia is a brand new company and an ideal way for international Art & Craft enthusiasts to purchase the ‘unusual’ without leaving their homes, not least their countries.

My name is Ian Laidlow. I am British born and raised, and have been living in the SE Asia region for more than four years.

Among the fifty something countries I’ve visited, or indeed lived, over my modest 35 years, probably the most exciting thing to me about most of these places, is their Ethnic Art. Be it ancient or modern culture, religion or necessity that inspires their production, the world’s diversity in Arts & Crafts is truly breathtaking.

As the world seems to become smaller each year through ever decreasing boundaries, the availability of discounted travel and people’s appetite to experience ‘the unknown’, virtually everybody has the opportunity now, to broaden their horizons. That said, not everybody can, nor desires such adventure.

This reality got me thinking some time ago. Given my admiration for these Arts and my love to share them with others……. Why not create the opportunity for individuals overseas to view and purchase them, without the expense or effort it would normally entail?

So here we are………. My GallerAsia.

If you’re an enthusiast, a collector, a retailer, or would simply like an unusual gift for a friend or loved one, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.



Presented by Ian Laidlow